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“Quest of the Week”

Don’t miss out on this section for exclusive Thread of Souls and DM’s Guild previews, free giveaways, fun polls and quizzes, as well as limited-time fantasy-themed printables!

Since Book III of Thread of Souls launches August 27th, 2021, we are doing weekly features! This week’s is a character highlight. We are focusing on Taliesin of House Ostoroth.

Taliesin of House Ostoroth

Taliesin is a 98 year old Dark Elf from the city of Berenzia. A healer and Cleric for his goddess, Taliesin is a capable spellcaster. Strong-willed, adventurous, and curious, he often gets himself into trouble by “pushing buttons” just to see what happens. He finds himself at odds with the ruling priestesses of his city, wanting reformation of the theocracy to make a better life for everyone. While Taliesin prefers a diplomatic approach, he will sneak, investigate, and fight for what he believes in. Even if his plan is only halfway thought out.

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