Session 0: Prepping for Campervan Life

When we first talked about setting out full time in a campervan or RV, we quickly dismissed the thought.

“No,” we said to each other. “People don’t actually do that.”

But as a year progressed from then to now, we realized not only do people do that, but we do, as well. A move to Colorado Springs opened up our eyes more to the amazing adventures around us. We’ve traveled a great deal before and loved it all. A week in Hawaii, a Caribbean cruise, a five-state road trip centered on GenCon, and many more. And now begins the next big adventure. To travel full time, have fun, and live more.

We evaluated many choices before settling on a campervan conversion. We toured RV’s, we looked at truck bed campers, toy haulers, Jeep tents, and everything in between. But none of it was exactly how we wanted it for our own needs. And the needs of our two wonderful cats, Danaerys and Gamora! Finally we settled on doing our own van conversion. That left the decision of the van, which took us to six different dealerships before finding the perfect match at Nissan.

So far we have laid the ground work for our conversion. We’ve got padding in for the floor. We put in boards at intervals along the walls and have covered up with brightly colored foam board. We’ve also put in a sticky mirror, some sticky shelving for small items, and a leafy vine display to cover up any wiring along the top edges. We’ve also begun to buy some essentials, such as a camper-style sink, a portable toilet (gotta have that), a clothes drying rack, some buckets for washing, and some camping-safe dishes.

The biggest change has been in getting rid of the majority of our material possessions. When you are about to transition to a nomadic life, you realize just how much junk gets pushed onto people. After several big cleanouts and one furniture haul, we had gotten it down to our most basic needs, as well as our hobbies. That includes, of course, our beloved D&D stuff!

“As anyone who goes against the norm will know, other people don’t always get it.”

Cats in tow, we left our Colorado Springs place and drove 11 straight hours to a relative’s back in Oklahoma. From there, we plan to set up the camper fully and plan our first big trip.

Reactions from friends and family have been overall supportive. But still, we’ve noticed a pattern from our parents, especially.

“So, you’ll travel for a year and then settle down.”

“When you’re ready to settle down, you can buy a house here.”

“Once your caravanning days are done, you’ll find a new place.”

As anyone who goes against the norm will know, other people don’t always get it. Even if they are well-meaning in their comments. But we live in a state of perpetual wanderlust, with a deep sense of adventure and curiosity.

And for us, this is a childhood dream turned reality.

Follow us for updates on the camper build and to see all of our adventures afterwards! As two nerds traveling the world, we are excited to stay at places that remind us of Dungeons & Dragons, Lord of the Rings, The Legend of Zelda, and all of our other fantasy obsessions!

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