The 9 Months We Lived in Colorado

It was at the start of 2020 that we decided to move to Colorado. From the little neighborhood of wide yards and no sidewalks in Oklahoma, we had big dreams ahead. It was our first home, custom built, and we loved it. But we loved adventure more, and we felt it calling to us.

It was the first time in our lives we really had this freedom. In early 2019 we both took the plunge, left the corporate world, and began freelance/contractor work. With this success came new freedoms and new opportunities. We had always talked about moving out of Oklahoma. Out of the summer humidity, springtime storms, and ice-covered winter roads. But where to?

We started with a list of all 50 states and narrowed it down based on important factors to us. Political views, weather, cost of living, and activities. When we had it down to a list of a few states we then broke it down further to cities. And eventually we ended up with our top pick. Colorado Springs, Colorado.

This was made much easier given that we had friends who had already moved there years before. They were an awesome resource as we prepared for the move. Our friends and family were shocked, of course. And one set of parents fought against us. But within a handful of months we sold our home, arranged a townhouse in the new city, and had movers ready.

We will gloss over the process of moving here since it was so hectic. But eventually we wound up, settled, in Colorado Springs. At that time we thought we would spend at least a few years in the city, perhaps our whole lives. We had no idea that in less than a year we’d be embarking on the biggest adventure of our lifetimes.

We loved Colorado Springs. We probably would have loved it more if not for the pandemic. We’d been looking forward to the Pike’s Peak hill climb and the labor day hot air balloon festival. But safety first! Still, we got to enjoy many things in this amazing city. The Garden of the Gods, hiking at various parks, the multitude of choices in food and shops. And the overall quite lovely weather.

One of our favorite things about Colorado Springs was the beauty all around us. From our townhouse’s third story window we could see Pike’s Peak and the surroundings mountains clearly. It made for some spectacular sunsets. And we loved seeing the mountains and rolling foothills everywhere we drove. Unlike Oklahoma, life in Colorado felt like it happened on a grand scale. Like we were connected to the nation around us. And in knowing these Rocky Mountains we saw were the same range that extended north into Canada and south into South America.

There were some struggles. That is life, after all. From a big house with an over an acre of land, to a townhouse with no yard was a change. But it helped us live a more minimalistic lifestyle. There were some struggles with adjusting to the altitude, and plenty of bloody noses from the dry air. The two of us also love cloudy days, so the bright and continuous sunshine took some getting used to.

So, what changed? Why did we leave this city after less than a year? We’d entered a contract to build a house that we’d fallen in love with. But after a four month waiting period to begin the process, the cost was raised $20K+. We had an emotional discussion about what we were willing to pay, how much more we were willing to work each day, for this house. And eventually decided our free time was worth more.

That had us reflecting on what was really important. And that was travel and spending more time on our projects. Our fantasy book series, Thread of Souls. Our DM’s Guild adventures. This website you’re reading now! And so after lengthy discussions and lots of research, we decided to move into a campervan and travel full time.

It’s currently still being converted. We find ourselves back where we’d never thought we’d be. In Oklahoma, staying at a relative’s as we finish this process. Another tiring move, but way less burdened by material things that before.

Living in Colorado Springs for those nine months was an eye-opener. We saw a different way of life, a new landscape, new activities. But above all it opened us up more to adventure. We saw all the possibilities that could lie ahead of us. And we decided to take it one step further, and have a full-time adventure.

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