Exandria Unlimited is Critical Role’s New Streaming Show

Critical Role teased a top secret project a few days ago and it was well worth the wait. Exandria Unlimited is the newest show coming to the Critical Role channel. It’s a mini Dungeons & Dragons campaign set in the world of Exandria and will follow new characters and plots. It even has a new dungeon master with the fabulous Aabria Iyengar.

The campaign will run eight episodes long and starts Thursday June 24 in the slot Critical Role normally airs. One of the most exciting aspects is fans of the voice actors will get to see Matthew Mercer step away from the DM chair and play a character for more than just a one-shot. Joining him at the player’s table will be new players Aimee Carrero and Robbie Daymond with familiar members including Ashley Johnson and Liam O’Brien.

The show is set 30 years after the ending events of Vox Machina and campaign one. So, there may be spoilers in the campaign for those who are not caught up.

As for the characters the players will be role-playing, well we know nothing about. But, like you, we can’t wait to meet them all during the first episode!

Critical Role has published a lot of content over the years and it can be a lot to keep track of. Thankfully, the cast and crew have made it a bit easier to follow along with an easy to read guide. From their comic books, book Kith and Kin, one-shots, and campaigns, there is plenty of content to get through.

The announcement for Exandria Unlimited was made during the State of the Role. It ended with a tease about campaign three happening but more details will be revealed at the end of the summer.

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