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Citadel Chili Recipe

This is our first in what will be monthly posts of recipes that are found around Corventos! We both really love cooking, and it’s been a good deal of fun to create what people would eat within the world of Thread of Souls. For our first recipe, we are focusing on the super simple Citadel Chili! The recipe card is at the bottom of the post for quick reference while you are cooking!

Where does Citadel Chili come from?

One of the five territories in Corventos is the Citadel. This cold tundra is cut off from the rest of the land by the Arcane Fangs mountains and Viscera’s Bay. The Citadel itself is the home of arcane research, education, and law enforcement.

Due to the cold weather the Citadel experiences the majority of the year, they need a nice and warm dish to fill them up! That is where Citadel Chili is born. It is hearty and warm with just a tad bit of kick to it. Cows aren’t the best for the Citadel’s geography, so they tend to use reindeer meat. (But for this recipe post we will be using beef!)

Recipe Tips

This makes four servings. As it is just the two of us, we love to cook it all together and eat it two days in a row. It makes the second day’s meal super convenient!

The ingredients consist of ground beef, two cans of diced tomatoes and green chiles, and a large bottle of marinara pasta sauce. We tend to use Ro-tel and Prego or a Sprouts brand, depending on where we are shopping. Use whatever brand you prefer. The rest is a great deal of delicious seasonings. Use pe-minced garlic for the easiest cooking.

We have only two “toppings” we use with these bowls. Instead of sour cream, we prefer plain yogurt. If, like me, you are sensitive to dairy we use vegan cashew milk yogurt. Specifically, we use the Forager brand, but do whatever tastes best for you! Corn chips like Fritos or similar also get crushed up.

Cooking it really can’t get easier. You only need to brown the beef and then put everything together in a slow cooker. Mix it up well! It will cook on low for about three hours, though you could do it less or longer depending on your schedule.

Reheating is our favorite part of this recipe! After eating two bowls one day, we put the rest in the refrigerator. The next day we simply put it back in the slow cooker for two hours, but on high this time. It tastes just as great as the first day!

This recipe can be dairy-free depending on the yogurt you choose. It can also be vegetarian if you choose to swap the ground beef for black beans. It can be made gluten-free, as well, depending on what brand of ingredients you go with. It is a very flexible recipe!

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