About Us

We are a husband and wife team of indie creators and storytellers. We launched Tal & Ru Travels in 2019 and registered it as an LLC in 2021. Our goal has always been to combine our love of stories and characters to share with others! We met each other at a Renaissance Fair, and the adventures have never stopped after that!

Who are Tal & Ru?

We decided to name our business Tal & Ru Travels after our Dungeons & Dragons characters. They are also two primary characters in our book series, Thread of Souls. Taliesin (Tal) is played by Ashley, and Ruuda (Ru) is played by Scott. These two characters set out on an adventure together into the unknown, thus “travels”. In any story, you have a beginning and an end and you travel through to discover new places and new people. We wanted to share Taliesin and Ruuda’s love of adventure with our site and our content.

Who are Scott and Ashley?

Ashley has been writing stories her entire life, even before she knew how to properly write words. She would draw art and staple the pages together to tell a story. She had a very active history in fanfiction writing and won many community awards including “Best Adventure”, “Best Romance”, and “Story of the Year”. She had a brief time in the HR field after college which led her to writing resumes professionally. Since then, she does freelance writing for nerd culture sites and leads the writing for their book series Thread of Souls.

Scott comes from a background as a journalist for local news stations as well as a commercial producer and voice over artist. Leaving local news behind, he now does freelance writing and reviewing for a variety of websites and print publications as well as video editing. He also serves as a story consultant and editor for their book series Thread of Souls.

The two of us love to travel domestically, internationally, by cruise ship, and by campervan. For us, traveling is a way to experience what our D&D characters experience. We play D&D every week and have built up a large collection of minis and terrain pieces. We love cooking, reading, cosplay, board games, and video games. If we are not engaging in an activity together, Ashley is usually drawing while Scott creates fun videos.

Danaerys and Gamora

We also have two cats, Danaerys and Gamora! We got our tabby Dany first in 2014. A friend’s grandmother found her in her garage and we offered to take her in. Dany likes to sleep and is friendly to those she trusts. A lazy lounge in the sun is her favorite way to pass the day. She does not like cat toys, she only wants to play with trash. She is a catnip addict.

Our black and white cat Gamora was adopted from a shelter in 2015. A ball of energy who feels that all attention is good attention, Gamora has a meow for every occasion. She believes her life is incomplete if she is not sleeping in your lap. Gamora loves people and her laser toy.

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