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Tasha’s Makes Intelligence Relevant

Dungeons and Dragons latest Fifth Edition book Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything introduces new psychic based spells and they’re everything the game has needed. While there have been many psionic spells included in past books, the majority of them have used Wisdom saves instead of Intelligence. Thankfully, Tasha’s remedies this problem. Intelligence saving throws are rare … Continue reading Tasha’s Makes Intelligence Relevant

Summer Catchers Review

Summer Catchers is an adorably crafted 2D side-scroller adventure racing game. Developed by indie company FaceIT and publisher Noodlecake Studios, it follows the story of a young girl named Chu as she chases after summer. Having grown up in the frigid north, she journeys out in a raggedy beat up wooden race car searching for … Continue reading Summer Catchers Review

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Hi, we’re Scott and Ashley, We are a husband and wife team of creative writers. We have dedicated our passion for fantasy and D&D to write stories and craft a campaign of our own. That idea branched off into an Etsy shop, a book series, and homebrew content. We hope you enjoy our creations!

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