D&D Stats

Dungeons and Dragons is perhaps one of the biggest things to make an impact on our lives. My wife and I created Thread of Souls after playing in our home game for a few years. It’s been so inspiring that I wanted to create NPCs and campaign guides as well. So, I did it.

This is where you will find a few homebrew NPCs and monster stats surrounding video game characters. Who knows who or what hero, villain, or creature may appear here. Whether it’s Link or an Untitled Goose, if there’s a video game we enjoy, you can bet you’ll find a stat block for various characters.


Byleth is the main protagonist in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. As a professor at Garreg Mach Monastery, Byleth teaches students the art of fighting and survival. Byleth is a warrior who specializes in using both weapons and magic in battle. They also use their knowledge and training to lead students in lessons both on and off the battlefield.

The Untitled Goose

The untitled goose is a clever tactician capable of hunting and tracking down objects of great significance and power. While mainly found around ponds and parks, it is also known to nest in heavily populated areas. It is easy to anger and once it sets its mind on something it is near impossible to persuade or get it to stop.

Completionist. The goose’s curious nature means it will inspect anything and everything in the environment around it. It’s said that every untitled goose has a list of things it wishes to accomplish in life. This often leads it to store knick-knacks and trinkets inside of its nest until it feels it has successfully completed its task.

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