Storytelling Tips

Our list of storytelling tips that gets shared around social media. Updated weekly!

  1. Don’t lore-drop all at once. Try mentioning things by name at least once before they play a larger part in the story. This helps to not overwhelm with information.
  2. A great way to advance plot is to find a way to connect lore, conflict, quests, or antagonists personally to your characters.
  3. Try to avoid using “said”. It invokes no emotion. It doesn’t drive action. And it doesn’t present imagery.
  4. Not coming up with new story ideas? Try going for a long walk and observe your surroundings!
  5. When creating a character backstory, don’t forget about adding some neutral relationships along with positive and negative ones.
  6. Trouble coming up with story ideas? Start a dream journal! Recording each morning will help you remember better in time.
  7. World calendar-building tip: A critical historical event could mark the start of the current calendar. Build the year around that!
  8. Our pick for tavern-themed music to play during your TTRPG games: Kingdoms of Amalur’s Dalentarth! 8/6
  9. Our pick for battle music to play during your TTRPG games: Trespasser – the Qunari battle from Dragon Age: Inquisition.
  10. A great way to advance plot is to have characters discover notes or documents that provide clues. 8/11
  11. A good way to collaborate with your GM is to let them know what aspects of the game were your favorite.
  12. Use Magic the Gathering cards for inspiration to build battles, with lands as locations and effects/creatures for what they are fighting.
  13. Naming a Character: Noun-based names are nice, and can really sell an aesthetic for the right character.
  14. Calendar Building Tip: What annual holidays are celebrated nationally or locally? 
  15. Record your own D&D games! You can write books, draw art, make playlists, or aesthetic boards.
  16. Get new ideas by browsing art online.
  17. When writing a character backstory, make a list of positive relationships they had growing up.
  18. Our pick for somber music to play during your TTRPG games: All Gods from Pillars of Eternity II. –
  19. Collaborate with your DM by stating  anything you want to follow up on, or see come up in a later game. –
  20. A good resource to find character names is You can search by meanings from an international database!
  21. When building a city, make a list of important landmarks that are easily recognizable.
  22. If you’re turning your TTRPG game into a book, try varying chapter POV’s to better explore each character.
  23. If you are an aspiring writer, fanfics are a great way to learn, grow, and get quick feedback!
  24. A great way to get new story ideas is to go camping. A night in nature helps open your creative mind! –
  25. Character backstory question to ask: Did they grow up in a rural or urban environment?
  26. TTRPG Backstory Tip: Leave an open-ended conflict that can be played out in the game!
  27. Playing a single-player D&D campaign is great for more introverted people that can be overwhelmed with large, rowdy groups.
  28. Our pick for tavern-themed music to play during your TTRPG games: Pillars of Eternity’s Oldsong!
  29. One way to advance plot is to have an NPC talking a bit too loudly.
  30. A great way to collaborate with your DM to enhance games is to text some of your plans for the next game, such as plans to scry on someone. –
  31. It is okay to use “real life” name in your fantasy stories. Names like Jim or Nina will not detract from your world.
  32. Calendar Building Tip: Are there any annual comets? What stories have sprung up around them?
  33. City Building Tip: Understand why the characters should care about this place to make it add weight to the story.
  34. Collaborate with your DM by being clear about what your character wants so more character-centric choices can be put before you.
  35. One way to advance plot is to tell your players rumors of locations or monsters so they can discuss different things they’ve heard.
  36. Our pick for somber music to play during your TTRPG games: Thor: The Dark World. Into Eternity.
  37. Focus on your fun! You don’t have to do things solely to turn them into a career or monetize them.
  38. One way to get new story ideas is to try watching movie genres you don’t usually watch.
  39. When writing a character’s childhood background, think about what they used to do for fun as a kid.
  40. When coming up with character traits and flaws, don’t overdo it. A lot of this will create itself as you roleplay that character.
  41. When building a character, choose what their favorite color is!
  42. When playing a single-player campaign, the better you know one another the more fun you’ll have at the table!
  43. City Building Tip: Are there any guilds within this city?
  44. Collaborate with your DM to tell a story by being clear about your character’s intentions and desires.
  45. Our pick for good TTRPG cavern music is “Silent Footsteps” by Jeremy Soule, Skyrim.
  46. Our pick for good TTRPG battle music is The Color of Madness” for Darkest Dungeon.
  47. Get new ideas by reading about mythologies from around the world!

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