Thread of Souls

Series Summary

Where have all the spiders gone? Labeled as a heretic and punished by his cult, cleric Taliesin knows answers are his only redemption. He crosses paths with warrior Ruuda. On the run from her city’s caste system because she is Unblessed, she wants to take her revenge on the one responsible.

But as the two explore a vast world of arcane ruins, deep dungeons, and powerful cities, an evil grows. Two cults seek to unleash their warring gods upon the world. Unlikely allies are made in a druid struggling to find purpose, a thief hunting an interplanar monster, and a young mage uncovering historical secrets. Taliesin and Ruuda find themselves at the forefront of a battle against darkness where their souls are the prize.

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Thread of Souls book series trailer

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About the Authors

Ashley & Scott Roepel have plenty of writing creds before launching this book series! Ashley has won many community awards for her fanfictions and has written articles for sites like The Nerd Stash and Car Bibles as well as professional resume writing.

Scott began his career as a journalist and has written for The Nerd Stash, The Drive, Car Bibles, Switch Player Magazine, Unwinnable, Proving Grounds, and more.

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